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Hailing from Durham, North Carolina, Emily Musolino has been crafting a unique combination of soul inspired, powerhouse vocals for nearly two decades. Influenced as a child by iconic female vocalists Etta James and Janis Joplin, Musolino’s music emits a dynamic combination of blues and shredding rock guitar with hints of jazz and classic outlaw country that only those with a mastery in music composition can create. Traversing addiction, discrimination, and growing up LGBT in the southeast, Musolino finds strength for her recovery in songwriting that culminates in authentic, pure music infused with strong feminist and queer positive messaging.

After graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2012, Emily moved back home to Durham, North Carolina where she built her own recording studio, Blue Moose Studios. She quickly found her talents recruited by Dark Water Rising and spent the following 4 years performing over 200 shows a year, perfecting her sound. In 2017, she transitioned to focus primarily on her solo work, fronting the Emily Musolino band and releasing three albums of original material. 


Studio owner, producer, singer-songwriter, Berklee graduate - Emily Musolino is a unique musical talent that fits in no bounded box and brings an energetic excitement to every crowd, stage, and venue that experiences her performances. You will find Emily on stages all across North Carolina and beyond, from local Triangle staples like The Pour House Raleigh and Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival to tours and festivals across the U.S. and Europe. No matter where she is playing, Emily always delivers positive, inspiring music. Stay tuned on social media for upcoming show dates and new releases.


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